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The Labour Department is the Ministry’s focal point agency responsible for implementation of the three major Labour Laws; namely: 

•    The Employment Act, 2007
•    The Labour Institutions Act, 2007
•    The Labour Relations Act, 2007.



Internally, the Department of Social Security is made up of the following divisions 

1. Field Services and Administration
2. Social Assistance
3. Social Welfare
4. Community Development
5. Childrens Services




A pillar of competitive workforce, just society and a champion of Regional Integration


To promote decent work, empower vulnerable groups and facilitate Regional integration


Formulation, review and implementation of Social Security, employment, programme for persons with disabilities,national human resource planning and development, national labour productivity,Child Labour and regulation management,Facilitating and Tracking Employment creation, Co-ordination of National employment, Internship and Volunteers for public service, Community Development, Protection and advocacy of needs of Persons with Disabilities, Social Assistance programmes,Workplace Inspection and Workman's Compensation.

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