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Frequently asked questions about Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health Services (DOSHS)

  1. Why do we need to register our workplaces with the Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health Services?

 This is to ensure compliance with the OSHA 2007 act at the initial stage (when starting out) because it can be quite expensive to comply later on

  1. How do we get registered?

The occupier will apply for registration by filling and returning to the directorate, the application for registration form, DOSH 21A. The occupier will also fill a self assessment form (DOSH 23) that gives the general occupational safety and health standards of his workplace. The certificate of registration under OSHA will then be processed and sent to the occupier

  1. How much does it cost to register my premises as a workplace?

It costsfive thousand shillings(2000/= Registration fee and 3000/= OSH Fund Levy) to registeryour workplace and this is done on an annual basis.

  1. Where is the Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health services located?

The Headquarters is located at Safety House, Commercial Street, Industrial Area Nairobi, We also have field offices which are located in the following Counties;


The Workers Injury Benefit Act (WIBA), 2007 is an Act of Parliament to provide for compensation to employees for work related injuries and occupational diseases contracted in the course of their employment. It repealed the workmen’s compensation Act cap 236. The Act came into operation as from 2nd June 2008.

  1. Who administers the Act?

The Act is administered by the Director of Occupational Safety and Health Services in the Ministry of Labour.

  1. Where does the Act apply?

This act applies to all employees, including employees employed by the government, but not members of the Defence Forces.

  1. Who is entitled for compensation?

An employee who is involved in an accident or disease resulting in serious disablement or death related to his employment is entitled to compensation

  1. Who is paid compensation in case of death?

If an employee dies as a result of an injury caused by an accident, compensation should be paid to the dependents of the employee. 

  1. How do we report accidents?

Every employer should report an occupational accident to the Director of Occupational Health and Safety Services on the prescribed form (DOSH 1) within seven days after having received notice of an accident or having learnt that an employee has been injured in an accident.

In case of fatal accidents, the accident should be reported within twenty four hours after occurrence by fastest means possible and thereafter through DOSH 1 within seven days.

Frequently asked questions about Directorate of National Human Resource Planning and Development

Q1. What is the vision and mission statement of Directorate of National Human Resource Planning and Development?

Vision: To be a World Class Centre for Labour Market Information.

Mission: “To provide up to date Labour Market Information to inform on development of human resource development policies and strategies”.

Q2.What is the mandate of the department?

Developing, coordinating and implementing policies and strategies for Human Resource Planning and Development in line with government blue prints.

Q3.What are the department’s core functions

Core functions

  • Maintenance and dissemination /provision of up to-date labour market information
  • Development and dissemination of guidelines for skills development
  • Development and maintenance of National skills inventory
  • Formulation of National human resource planning , development and utilization policies

Q4. What are the department’s core values?

  • Professional Integrity
  • Commitment to results
  • Participants approach
  • Customer orientation
  • Commitment to team work
  • Commitment to the welfare of the employees

Q5.What are some of the Research activities that  the Department  has carried out on Human Resource Planning and Development

  • Survey of Training in Local Institutions (STLI)
  • Training Needs Assessment (TNA)
  • Sectoral Manpower Survey (SMS)
  • Evaluation of Training Programmes
  • National manpower survey

Q6.What is done with Research reports after the studies are carried out?

A7.Reports are presented to stakeholders for validation before dissemination/implementation

Q8.Can one access information on Training in any sector?

A9.Yes, reports are available

Q10.Does Kenya have a National Human Resource Planning and Development policy in place?

A11.here is no specific policy but there are other related policies that guide human resource development in different sectors.