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Brief Introduction




The Productivity Centre of Kenya (PCK) is a tripartite Institution of the Government, Employers and Workers represented by the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services (MLSS&S), Federation of Kenya Employers(FKE) and Central Organization of Trade Unions(COTU) respectively.  It was established and gazetted as a company limited by guarantee, vide gazette notice No. 7354, of November, 2002.


It’s managed by a Board of Directors comprising of the Principal Secretaries of;- Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and National Development and Vision 2030, Ministry of Trade and Industry, The Director, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the Executive Director, Federation of Kenya Employers and two Federation of Kenya Employer nominees, the Secretary General, Central organization of Trade Unions, and two nominees of the Central Organization of Trade Unions, a representative of the Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI), and the Chief Executive Officer of the Productivity Centre.




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Productivity Centre of Kenya (PCK)

The Centre is responsible for:

  • Promotion of productivity improvement;
  • The establishment of a mechanism to ensure availability and utilization of critical skills needed for competitiveness;
  • Ensuring adoption of best practices for non-traditional manufacturing and services sectors of the economy;
  • Putting in place a Productivity Policy

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